Interview with Panuwat Trairatphisan

Panuwat Trairatphisan, Researcher at AbbVie, envisions eTRANSAFE as the next generation of integrative data storage and analyses platform to tackle the challenges in translational predictions of drug toxicity

Interview with Javier Corvi

Bioinformatics researcher at the Spanish National Bioinformatics Institute (INB) Coordination Node, Life Sciences Department, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). Currently doing a PhD in Biomedicine at the University of Barcelona focused on the development of modular, generic and containerized Biomedical Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems.

Interview with Giulia Callegaro

Giulia Callegaro, Researcher at Leiden University, expecsts that eTRANSAFE will potentially represent a source of high quality data that could help in tackling the problems of the future.

Interview with Nils Oberhauser

Nils Oberhauser, Researcher at Novartis, hopes that eTRANSAFE convinces other companies of the value of shared data and inspires them to participate in similar projects.

Interview with Annika Kreuchwig

Annika Kreuchwig, Researcher at BAYER AG, Pharmaceuticals, envisages eTRANSAFE as a valuable platform that will attract users from all functions involved in the drug development process


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