November 2018

XIV Symposium on Bioinformatics (JBI 2018) Granada, ES

Poster presentation: Updating the LimTox Content provider workflow. Corvi J, Fernandez JM, Intxaurrondo A, Krallinger M, Valencia A, Capella-Gutierrez S. Partner: Elixir-BSC

14th German Conference of Cheminformatics Mainz, GE

Oral presentation:Upsampling of Molecules to create datasets large enough for Deep learning in toxicity prediction. Hemmerich J, Asilar E, Ecker G. Partner: UNIVIE

Lhasa’s Japanese International Collaborative Group Meeting (ICGM) Tokyo, JP

Oral presentation: Etoxys and eTRANSAFE. Drewe W. Partner: Lhasa

October 2018

IMI Scientific Symposium 2018 Brussels, BE

Poster presentation: Translational Safety Assessment in Pharma. Bueters R, Kreuchwig A, Wichard J, Steger-Hartmann T. Partner: Janssen

Symposium: Navigating In Silico Chemical Safety Erlangen, GE

Oral presentation: Outputs, Legacy and Perspectives from the eTOX and eTRANSAFE projects. Sanz F. Partner: IMIM

FDA and SEND Industry Topics

Oral presentation: eTRANSAFE Project. Pognan F. Partner: Novartis

FIGON Dutch Medicines Days Ede, NL

Poster presentation: Reconciling in vitro and in silico approaches for drug-induced liver injury prediction. Béquignon O, Callegaro G, Wink S, van de Water B, van Westen G.  Partner: UL

July 2018

ACDL 2018 (Advanced Course on Data Science & Machine Learning) Siena, IT

Oral presentation: Exploring the use of neural networks for prediction of toxicities. Hemmerich J. Partner: UNIVIE

Oral presentation: Computational Methodologies for the Prediction of Drug Toxicity in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Muster W. Partner: Roche

April 2018

TransQST 1st GAM Helsinki, FI

Activities with other projects: eTRANSAFE presentation at the TransQST GAM. Sanz F. Parner: All

March 2018

Meeting with FDA CDER Washington DC, US

Oral presentation: The IMI eTRANSAFE project. Drewe W. Partner: Lhasa

PhUSE 2018 Computational Science Symposium Maryland, US

Poster presentation: eTRANSAFE, a New Player in Translational Safety Assessment. Drewe W. Steger-Hartmann T, Cases M.  Partner: Lhasa


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