eTRANSAFE present at the SOT 58th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo 2019

The Meeting was held in Baltimore, US, from 10th to 14th March 2019. The eTRANSAFE project was represented for several partners (UL, MN-AM, UNIVIE and ROCHE) with four posters and an oral presentation in the framework of the Scientific Sessions.

Two posters were presented at the session entitled “Computational Toxicology II”: MN-AM and ROCHE presented the following poster:

Development of DILI Prediction Tools for Humans and Mammals from the Vantage of Translational Safety Assessment. W. Muster, D. Naga, J. Rathman, A. Mostrag, M. Pavan, and C. Yang.

While the poster presented by UL was entitled: Reconciling In Vitro and In Silico Approaches for Drug-Induced Liver Injury Prediction. O. J. Béquignon, S. Wink, S. W. Hiemstra, J. E. Klip, W. den Hollander, G. J. van Westen, and B. van de Water.

Two posters from UNIVIE were presented at the “Late-Breaking 7: Computational Toxicology and Biological Modeling Session”:

Toxicity prediction for human mitochondrial respiratory complex I – combining structure-based methods and machine learning. F. Troger, J. Hemmerich, S. Jain, B. Füzi, A. Tratensek, C. Colas, B. Zdrazil, G. Ecker.

COVER: Conformational Oversampling of Datasets for Deep Learning in In Silico Toxicology. J. Hemmerich, E. Aşilar, G. Klambauer, G. Ecker.

Finally, at the Scientific Session titled “Continuing Education Course: Industrial Applications of Computational Toxicology in the 21st Century”, Alessandro Brigo, from ROCHE, on behalf of Wolfgang Muster, gave the following presentation: Computational Methodologies for the Prediction of Drug Toxicity in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

To check out the full event programme follow the link: SOT2019


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