eTRANSAFE 3rd Consortium Meeting in June 2018

The 3rd eTRANSAFE Consortium Meeting was held in Barcelona on the 4th and 5th of June 2018

75 members of the 27 partners of the Consortium attended the meeting and collectively reviewed the Work Packages progress in the past months. The main sessions were devoted to four interesting and productive workshops organised during the meeting allowing the participants for more insightful discussions.

The workshops were devoted to the following topics:

  • Text mining – Review of toxicology reports structure and challenges to extract treatment-related findings.
  • Data – Review of preclinal and clinical data available and their diversity, hosting and exploitation aspects following FAIR principales and GDPR compliance.
  • System – Discussion on Software development and sustainability requirements to address the user needs by reviewing a collection of User interface mock-ups proposed by consortium members.
  • Biomarkers – Review of available data and definition of a roadmap to support WP6 and WP9 regarding AOP related knowledge and methods.

Professor Hennicke Kamp, member of the eTRANSAFE Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), participated in the meeting and after following attentively the intensive 2-days meeting, he caught the attention of the consortium with valuable scientific recommendations and useful input for the dynamics and progress of the project. Furthermore, a member of the IMI2 TransQST consortium, introduced the project and its progress in order to discuss potential collaboration between both consortia.


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